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We are proud to announce the launch of the new quarterly publication of the Revolutionary Communists of Ireland: The Revolutionary Communist

Read the editorial of the first issue below, and get in touch to order your copy now! You can also pick up a yearly subscription for 10 euros, or pay a solidarity subscription of 20 euros (or more) to support the communist press.

The first issue of our old publication – the Marxist Voice – is barely 14 months old. And yet, in many ways, it seems like it was written in a different epoch. The world and Irish political situation – as well as the organisational strength of the communists on this island – have gone through an ocean of changes in the intervening period. 

On the back of the ever-worsening crisis of capitalism, economic, political and social stability are a memory of a long gone past. And on a capitalist basis, there is no way out of the crisis. 

This system is turning into a nightmare the lives of hundreds of thousands of workers and young people in Ireland, whose only alternative is to fight. But nothing has exposed the brutality of capitalism, the hypocrisy of the ruling class, and radicalised millions of workers and youth worldwide as the ongoing genocide being carried out against defenceless men, women and children in Gaza. 

Utter disdain and disgust for the institutions of capitalist “democracy” run deep through society today.  The whole political setup of capitalism – in Ireland and worldwide – is being undermined in front of our eyes. Thousands, tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands are drawing communist conclusions: this system can’t be reformed, it has to be done away with!

However, understanding the need for revolution and having the willingness to fight are not enough for a successful revolution. The most important lesson of the Russian October Revolution of 1917 is that in order for a revolution to succeed, workers need to be organised in a combat, communist party. 

Due to the treachery of social-democracy and of the Stalinist leaders, such organisation does not exist today. But from Dublin to Belfast, and all around the world, the rumblings of the coming class battles – that will decide the future of society in the next decade or so – can already be clearly heard. The key to the success of the coming revolution is to organise now, under a genuine revolutionary banner the young class fighters that the crisis of capitalism has created. 

The communists in Ireland are fighting precisely toward this goal. The Marxist Voice has been a phenomenal success and was warmly welcomed by hundreds of supporters. But the current political situation requires a new, bolder and more regular publication. One that fights to unite in struggle the most advanced layers of workers and youth. 

It is for this reason that with this issue, we are proudly launching The Revolutionary Communist, as a new, quarterly magazine and official organ of the Revolutionary Communists of Ireland!

The Revolutionary Communists of Ireland

The last 14 months have seen the organisation of the revolutionary communists going from one success to another. All around our international organisation, communists report the same: on the back of the crisis of capitalism, the ideas of communism find an earnest ear wherever we set the communist flag. The International Marxist Tendency (soon-to-be Revolutionary Communist International) now organises more than 6500 communists in 60 countries around the world. 

At the time of the first issue of our paper in Ireland, we had a handful of members organised in Dublin and Belfast. We now have branches, embryonic groups, or active individual members in Dublin, Belfast, Derry, Navan, Wicklow, Carlow, Mayo, Sligo, Limerick, Galway, Kildare and Bangor – and the list is constantly increasing!

Just over a month ago, revolutionary communists from all around Ireland, met in Dublin for a weekend-long event of discussions on the perspectives for the Irish Revolution; sharing lessons, experience and reports from building a communist organisation in their cities and towns – and setting up the tasks and goals for the coming period. 

The historic decision was taken to found a new organisation, under the bold banner of the Revolutionary Communists of Ireland! We base ourselves on the revolutionary ideas of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky and Connolly, and our programme is that of the overthrow of capitalism and for the socialist revolution – the revolution that will free humanity from wars, poverty, exploitation, oppression and all the evils of capitalism. 

Join the Communists!

At our founding congress, the comrades set themselves many ambitious targets for the next year. Including the release of a new website ( – already live!), the printing of a quarterly paper as a stepping stone toward a monthly publication, the hiring of our first full-time revolutionary financed entirely by the donations of our members, and reaching the 100 members mark by Spring 2025. These are the first steps towards building  the future mass communist organisation in Ireland.

For an organisation that didn’t have a publication until 14 months ago, these certainly sound like ambitious targets. And they surely are, But that’s what the political situation requires. Communists need to fight to overcome any and every obstacle put in front of the revolution. 

We have no doubt that with the correct methods, ideas, and communist determination we will smash through each one of these targets. But we cannot do it without you! 

Support the revolutionary press today by picking up a yearly subscription to “The Revolutionary Communist.” Our organisation is entirely founded by the sacrifices and regular donations of workers and students – we have no rich-backers, nor do we rely on funding from the capitalist state. You can give us material support today with a one-off donation or by setting up a regular contribution. Every cent will go toward the fight for communism.

If you agree with our programme, then this is your organisation. Join the Revolutionary Communists of Ireland! Get in touch with us now. We will put you in touch with communists around your local area. 

As part of a revolutionary organisation, you will attend regular branch meetings discussing political ideas and organisational tasks, you will join our comrades on protests, demonstrations, picket lines, and street stalls – and you will work toward building a genuine communist organisation all around Ireland and internationally! 

And if you are in an area where we don’t have a presence – better yet! We will provide you with the methods, materials and support you need in order to establish the first revolutionary cell around you. Communism must spread to every city, town and village all around Ireland! 

Forward to the Revolutionary Communists of Ireland! 

For a Socialist United Ireland! 

Fight for World Communism!