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As the global crisis of capitalism deepens, millions of workers and youth internationally are faced with a future blighted by the barbarism of war, oppression and exploitation. But this is not the only path facing humanity.

The fight for communism is more urgent than ever, which is why we will be launching the Revolutionary Communist International (RCI) in June.

If you are a communist, sign up to participate in the RCI’s founding conference, and join us in the battle to end the horrors of capitalism once and for all!

Worldwide, there is a growing layer of workers and youth who have already moved beyond the reformism embodied by self-described ‘socialists’ such as Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn, who raised great expectations in millions, only to see them dashed.

Today’s radicals are looking for something more: a complete break with the old order. They want nothing less than communism, and are prepared to fight for it. The RCI intends to arm them with the ideas, methods and organisation to accomplish this.

Lenin’s legacy, and the horrors of Gaza

The RCI will be founded on the firm bedrock of theory, and this year we have been celebrating one of history’s finest Marxist theoreticians. 2024 marks the centenary of Lenin’s death: the great revolutionary leader whose Bolshevik Party led the Russian working class to power in 1917.

We have launched a ‘Lenin Lives’ campaign this year (#LeninLives), to not only celebrate Lenin’s ideas and achievements but to train communists around the world in the real legacy and traditions of Leninism and Bolshevism.

Part of this tradition is an unwavering defence of the oppressed against imperialist domination and oppression. Israel’s brutal war against the people of Gaza is radicalising whole swathes of workers and youth, who are indignant at their ruling class aiding and abetting the slaughter. To cover for the capitalists’ crimes, the establishment media and bourgeois politicians are trying to crush and criminalise all support for Palestine.

As the most consistent defenders of the Palestinian people, the communists are under attack. Many of our comrades and organisations around the world have faced harassment, even arrest, for condemning Israel’s crimes, opposing Zionism, and demanding a revolutionary solution in the Middle East.

Earlier this month, our comrades in Austria were targeted by a state prosecutor with particularly scandalous accusations of “glorifying terrorism”. Two comrades, Sonja and Alex, have been threatened with imprisonment for sharing the IMT’s statement on the war against Gaza. Given such flagrant attacks on democratic rights, the need to build a bold, fighting organisation of communists could not be clearer.

Indeed, it is only the communists who are seriously defending the elementary democratic freedoms of speech, protest and organisation! If you are enraged by the situation in Gaza, and the complicity of your ruling class; if you are serious about banishing the endless horrors of capitalism to the dustbin of history, then you need to join us!

A World School of Communism

The founding conference in the summer will give the RCI the audacious launch it deserves. Spanning 10-15 June, this World School of Communism will feature talks and discussions covering all areas of communist history and theory, culminating in the official founding of the RCI.

This will be a truly international event, with speakers from around the world emphasising the necessity of unified struggle by the working class for world revolution.

Just as Lenin emphasised the urgency of building the Third International to facilitate the building of communist parties globally, unified into a single world party of revolutionary struggle, so we are beginning to lay the foundations of a communist international capable of leading the workers to victory everywhere.

You can sign up to watch the World School of Communism here. The entire event will be streamed online, with watch parties organised on every continent.

But there is no need to wait until then! If you are a communist, then you can join us now. Help us build communism in your country, and prepare for the launch of the Revolutionary Communist International.

In the immortal words of the Communist Manifesto: the workers of the world have nothing to lose but their chains, they have a world to win.

Get organised in the fight for communism within our lifetime! Sign up for the RCI’s founding conference!